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HiveFlow4B is the agentless solution to manage and protect all devices connected to your corporate network.
Thanks to HiveFlow you can do it in real-time, totally autonomously.
Advanced Threat Defence
App & Web Control
Quota Management
Roaming Management
Statistics & Report
Self Managed Portal
Be aware

Get complete visibility

Create common quotas and usage rules for different user groups.

Receive notifications in real-time through different notification channels.

Get detailed reports on traffic and how corporate devices are being used.

Have real-time visibility of mobile data usage for SIM, locations or roaming zones.

Have control

Control is in your hands

Set different traffic usage quotas per roaming zones or country.

Create application and service usage policies times that your employees can use.

Manage your business traffic plans, configure profiles according to your needs and customize the platform.

Everything you need

End the bill shock

A large company means many travelling employees. The autonomous management and control of roaming zones are a necessity to have maximum visibility of the traffic used and costs, to make informed decisions and reduce response times.

IoT Security is a priority

Businesses today need to monitor their IoT devices. Connected to the corporate network they need to ensure they are not compromised and take immediate action otherwise. With HiveFlow you can monitor and protect all smart devices and keep your business network safe.

IoT devices
Increase the productivity

Increase your employees' productivity by controlling company traffic. This way you can avoid data traffic abuse and decide which applications and services employees can access, thereby blocking non-business traffic.

Increase productivity